Russ’s Rants – – The Mets Are a Dead Team

When you’re at a Mets Father’s Day Game the horrific thought of a no-hitter being tossed by the opposition creeps into your mind.  The Jim

The Answer For a Mets Championship Could Be Todd Frazier

(this article was printed last season) As reported Reds all-star third baseman, Todd Frazier is on the trading block. He has a $7.5 million dollar


Uncle Cliffy Makes the Pitch For a Sports Cannabis Market

At the Arc View Group Investor Forum held recently in Portland, Oregon, NBA all-star Cliff Robinson introduced investors and entrepreneurs to  his latest venture

Only Better Players Can Save Hornacek

The best thing about the Knicks hiring Jeff Hornacek as their coach is he is not Kurt Rambis. That’s why there was no outrage about the