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Major League Baseball is a Public Trust and They’re Quickly Losing That Trust

The Astros are the heels of the sport, for good reason, but now having MLB commissioner Rob Manfred stand up there and saying the Astros and Red Sox are the only teams being investigated is short-sighted. Red Sox verdict is due at the end of the following week, not this

The Mets Manager Search Gets Tricky

While the Mets continue their search for a manager, so do other MLB teams including the Philadelphia Phillies. The Mets keep interviewing and interviewing, Tim Bogar, the former Met, and current Nationals first base coach is reportedly the latest. I’m losing track. Joe Girardi has been interviewed by the Phillies and

Mickey and the Mets

So, the Mets are meeting with Mickey Callaway today. The Mets were once 13 games out of the playoffs and finished three games out of the Wild Card spot with 86 wins, a win or two more than I thought they’d get this season. They were nine wins better than last