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Best and Worst NBA Cities with Jill Gonzalez

Listen to Jill Gonzalez talk about the Best and Worst NBA cities according to wallet hub. Miami has the highest fan engagement for NBA teams, 43.96, which is 29.9 times higher than in New York, the city with the lowest at 1.47. With the NBA playoffs underway, and an NBA franchise being worth $2.86 billion, the

Sports Fans and Content Creators Improve Engagement As Tech and Sports Talk Mobile Apps Continue to Merge

Sports fans are a special type of enthusiasts. They're passionate, loyal, and often willing to go to great lengths to show their support for their favorite teams. Whether painting their faces, wearing outrageous costumes, or screaming at the top of their lungs, sports fans know how to make their presence

Jill Gonzalez Breaks Down The Best and Worst NCAA Basketball Cities

A lot of people are living and dying with each NCAA game that pushes their team further along in the tournament. This list has some amazing facts thanks to Wallet Hub. Top 10 March Madness Stats & Facts: $13.8 Billion: Corporate losses due to unproductive workers during March Madness.$1.16 Billion: Annual

Breaking Down the Sports Realism in ‘Winning Time’

Sports movies and shows must be realistic. If they’re not they can ruin it for me. The actor Solomon Hughes, who portrays Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was the key factor regarding this. If he had a bad skyhook. In my eyes, it was and still is the most unstoppable shot in the

‘Winning Time’ Will Change Small Screen Sports Storytelling

John C. Reilly has played a ton of great parts in his career. I loved him in Bull Durham. In ‘Winning Time’, he plays businessman, father, and playboy, Dr. Jerry Buss, who owned the Los Angeles Lakers at the time they drafted Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. Buss had a good side