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Matt Coronato Will Shoot Up the 2021 NHL Draft Lists

Matt Coronato is a 5-10, left wing who is currently ripping up the USHL for the Chicago Steel. Is he the next star player to come out of Long Island? It sure seems so. His journey is very similar to players in that area.

In 2017-18, he was tied for the team lead with 43 points on the Long Island Gulls. That was a good start for a player who was going to score a lot of points at every level he played at.

“With Long Island, there’s a feeling that makes it home. I live in Greenlawn,” Coronato stated. “For hockey, I live in Geneva, Illinois. It’s like where I live on Long Island. It’s not huge. It’s a good size. It’s in the suburbs, and it’s pretty similar which helped me adjust to living here.”

This 2021 NHL Draft eligible player is versatile. He can play on both sides. That’s a bonus that teams will be happy to hear.

“I play both,” Coronato quickly replied. “I’m right-handed, but play both.”

This prospect is very lucky that he’s playing in his draft year, and he’s putting up spectacular numbers. In his first 11 games, he scored 11 goals and 15 assists. He is leading the league in scoring, and the next three players, Sean Farrell, Erik Middendorf, and Mackie Samoskevic make up the top 4.

“It’s a big privilege to be able to play. The USHL has done a great job. The Steel has done a great job in preparing and allowing for this season,” Coronato said sincerely. “We take a lot of precautions with masks at all times in the rink and with our teammates. All these rules are needed for this to take place.”

Some Chicago Steel alumni are having big NCAA seasons.

“We got to watch Owen Power (possible 2021 top 5 pick) and Brendan Brisson (Vegas Golden Knights) play for Michigan, it’s great to see those guys and the success they’re having at the next level. Very impressed with Power, seeing how he goes about his business for the last year and how great of a player he is. It’s great to see him succeed.”

Coronato had a great offseason of training.

“I had a good offseason. I got to work out with a lot of players who play in college and the USHL I worked out with my teammate, Ryan Ufko (Smithtown), Robert Mastrosimone (Red Wings), Marshall Warren (Wild), and a bunch of other guys. It’s a group of guys who all are working towards the same goals.”

At the beginning of December, this prospect was named USHL Player of the Week. He had three goals and five assists in three games played. Coronato has a game speed that surpasses the level he’s at, and he is a weapon because he can pass it or score. He can go the length of the ice and can score with a solid wrist shot from a good distance as well.

In the great Pizza debate, Coronato chimed in as well.

“It doesn’t even compare; New York style for me is a million times better. I don’t mind the deep dish, but I’m definitely more of a thin crust guy,” he added.

Here’s what one of his teammates is saying about him.

“His speed and vision and ability are the things I’ve seen,” said his teammate and Toronto Maple Leafs draft pick, Joe Miller.

If Coronato keeps playing like this it will be hard to keep him out of the first round of the 2021 NHL Draft.

photo courtesy of Chicago Steel.

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