African Pro wrestling: Tiger Destroyer Challenges Super Makia of Cameroon

The Cameroon Pro-Wrestling Federation, an organization that was formed four years ago in Yaounde, Cameroon to see to the growth, development and upliftment of professional wrestling as a fan favourite sport in that part of the African continent, known by its French acronym, Fecacatch, in partnership with Sud-Expansion and the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education has bagged a major scoop and will on November 4, 2006 parade the best of African wrestlers during the African Wrestling Confederation (AWC) wrestling Championship in Yaounde, Cameroon.

This timely pro-wrestling event, which counts for the AWC African heavy weight championship, will see the participation of wrestlers from the African continent. The main bout of the championship will be the epic fight between John Tiger alias Tiger Destroyer of South Africa and the reigning African heavy weight champion for close to two decades, Mbeng Makia alias "Super Makia" or the gorilla of the equatorial forest.

“I am battle ready and I will retain my title come what may” - Super Makia of Cameroon

“I will show to the Cameroonians the brutal stuff I am made off”- Tiger Destroyer of South Africa.

In preparation to this epic event, officials of Fecacatch, the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education, as well as the official sponsors of the event, held a press conference in Yaounde on the 7th October 2006 at the Yaounde city council hall, to brief the public about the upcoming mega event which will change the face of pro wrestling in Cameroon to what is obtainable in Europe, USA and other parts of the world.

Answering questions from journalists during the event, the first vice president of fecacatch, Colonel Nsangou Adamou, explained that wrestling had been in lethargy because it was formerly associated to other disciplines like boxing or judo. It was just recently that a separate federation was created for the sport. He announced the participation of French wrestlers whose federation president, Jerome Porrut confirmed his coming to Cameroon by phone to journalists. The Francecatch president said his federation will be providing technical support to fecacatch to ensure the success of the event as well to some other future programmes.

“I am the grand master of African pro-wrestling. I have defeated friends and foes alike on the wrestling ring and I can always do it again. Tiger Destroyer is no threat to me at all. I am battle ready and I will retain my title come what may. I am even tired of competing in Africa. I have decided to storm Europe after this time out so as to show to the world the hard stuff I am made off” boasted Super Makia who recently stormed Lagos Nigeria and who brought together on the 14th October, 2006 at the National Stadium, Surulere Lagos; super stars such as Tya Mupepe from the Democratic Republic of Congo,” De Scorpion”Ahmadu Ture from Mali, Supernatural Power and Happi Man from Nigeria; for signing of contracts of the wrestlers that will participate in the November 4th show in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Tiger Destroyer, a South African has promised to destroy Super Makia and collect the African title from him, then take it to South Africa. The duo will really have to showcase what they both could do as the battle must be lost and won, as a winner has to emerge during the championship.

The president of Sud Expansion, Edoa Elisabeth, said her organization was out to promote sports and other cultural activities and not only wrestling. She believes that this timely pro-wrestling tournament will bring the glory of professional wrestling back to Cameroon and the fans too will be thrilled to satisfaction.

So far so good, we at the Royal Sports world wishes Super Makia all the best in his endeavour to change the face of Pro-wrestling in Cameroon to what is obtainable at the international level of the mat sport.