Russ’s Rants - - What’s a Sport?

I’ve talked about this topic a few times over the years but when we started doing Podcasts I had an entire rant about it. Why? Because too many people refer to activities as sport.

Well one day while working on AM radio we interviewed a World Series of Poker star who kept calling his “activity” a sport. The show’s host Dave Unkle was letting it go but kept looking at my face and laughing because of my exasperated look. Finally I confronted this guy about the statement and he talked about hooking himself up to a blood pressure monitor and then he talked about how it spiked at times when he was in a tournament and I just laughed.

So here is my 2010 list of what’s a sport and what isn’t a sport, in no particular order of which are more grueling so don’t go there.

1) Hockey
2) Baseball
3) Basketball
4) Football
5) Soccer
6) Track and Field
7) Boxing, add UFC
8) Olympic wrestling
9) Rugby
10) Sculling
11) Surfing
12) Tennis
13) Cycling
14) Diving
15) Handball
16) Equestrian
17) Skiing, snowboarding etc.
18) Cricket
19) Gymnastics
20) Swimming
21) Australian Rules football
22) Lacrosse
23) MMA

Not a Sport

1) Anything that’s 100% daredevil driven isn’t a sport.
2) Golf isn’t a sport. An 80 year old can play better than a 20 year old.
3) Bowling – See Golf.
4) Curling – It’s shuffleboard on ice or it’s a form of cleaning the ice. “Club” drink and play so…
5) Horse Racing – is a sport for the horse. I think the jockeys don’t have a big enough impact.
6) Nascar – Paul Newman could “drive” in his 60’s.
7) Volleyball – You can win an entire game off the serve!
8) Fencing – Nobody gets hurt. See shadow boxing.
9) Cheerleading via Federal ruling.

I am willing to add to this list and possibly subtract from it if you make a good argument. Just because it’s on ESPN it doesn’t make it a sport.