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Apparently, even though the Bronx Bombers are out of the post-season this time around, there are enough fans still interested in all things Yankees. So as a result of popular demand – here is the second installment of the brain-teaser called ULTIMATE YANKEE QUIZ.
Incidentally, your loyal scribe is hard at work on what is being billed as “The Ultimate Yankee Book” so if you have questions and answers, stories, sidebars, send them along for the book.  
Now - -let’s get to the quiz: 

With Mets’ Success, New York Sports Pride Is Back

The last four years have been depressing when it comes to New York sports.
The Mets have been awful. The Yankees are boring and irrelevant. The Giants and Jets have not been fixtures in January. The Rangers have disappointed the last two years when it comes to winning the Stanley Cup. Despite the Islanders’ improvement, they have yet to win a postseason series since 1993. The Devils are rebuilding. The Knicks and Nets stink. The Red Bulls and NYCFC don’t capture the fan’s imagination.

Remembering Yogi Berra

With the passing of Lawrence Peter Berra at age 90 after a life well lived, all kinds of tributes, memories, flashbacks about the man continue to surface. I actually met up with him in the Astrodome, in Shea Stadium, at Yankee Stadium. Three times. I wore the laundry tag media identification that set me apart from the regular working press. Nevertheless, Yogi was pleasant, interested and respectful – curious about my writing project that day. It was unusual for a star of his magnitude to be that way. I always remembered it.

New York Daily News Might As Well Be Gone

This was not your typical newspaper layoffs.
This was a bloodbath.
The New York Daily News gave sportswriters such as Mike Lupica, Bill Madden, Roger Rubin, Filip Bondy, Stephen C. Lorenzo, Wayne Coffey and Hank Gola their walking papers yesterday. The newspaper also cut Teri Thompson, who was one of their many sports editors. Bill Hammond is out as their political columnist.
Basically, half the members of the paper’s sports department are gone. This could be a sign that the New York’s Most Hometown Paper could be dead in a few years. 

Underappreciated Collins Gets It

Mets manager Terry Collins has been around baseball all his life to know that players deserve credit and managers deserve blame.
He has managed in New York for five years to understand getting blame for losses is part of the package that comes with coaching or managing in New York.
So don’t expect Collins to complain or pout when Mets fans rip him on social media, message boards and sports radio after every Mets loss. If anything, he probably laughs at the fickle nature of our sports town.


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