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Flyers Rookie Camp Notes

Here’s what I saw on day one. I won’t be at camp again until the game. I will be writing some articles about the players, but here are the raw nuts and bolts.

Today was more about showing what you can do on the ice. There’s still instruction but a lot more practical application of that. Results now matter because of the time spent in the last camp until now. The Flyers want to see improvement.

Egor Zamula – He was really feeling it. He had speed on the wing when in shooting drills. His release on his shot is faster. His passes are very accurate. This summer has been a difference-maker for him.

Ethan Samson – This defenseman showed me more speed than he had in development camp. Sometimes just a few tweaks can make a difference, and I saw more speed. Especially straight-line speed.

Morgan Frost – His skating is terrific. A lot of his 190 pounds is in his core. His legs are way stronger than they used to be, and now his starts and stops and directional changes are NHL quality. That was really on display beside the stronger wrist shot that I pointed out before.

Cam York – Before camp began, he was anxious to get started. I could see the energy, and his passing and skating were terrific all morning long. His hard work is paying off for sure, and he’s going to have a terrific first year as a professional.

I think Tanner Laczynski was cornering so much better. He looks fully healed. I also think Elliott Desnoyers looks great after his surgery. Both players are starting to hit their stride at the right time.

My next report will be after the second rookie game.

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