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Flyers Day 2 Development Camp Notes

Another day and some new wrinkles. Check out my Instagram to see them. Tyson Foerster – C – With more intensive skating drills going on, he shined. His cornering is really improved. You can tell he worked really hard over the summer. Linus Hogberg – D – He was another one who

Is Teqball The Next Fun Olympic Sport?

Have you heard of it? Recently, it officially became a European Games 2023 and is on track to becoming an Olympic sport by LA 2028. It’s being played on the east coast and the west coast. New York and New Jersey have people playing there. Here are the official rules: David Beckham

Denzel Mims: The Lost New York Jets Receiver

Nobody in the NFL burns through draft picks like the New York Jets. Joe Douglas was supposed to be the draft master, and already in 2021, the Denzel Mims pick isn’t looking good at all. Mims is currently running with the third group receivers. Coach Saleh says, “he’s working through things.”

Book Review Capsules: A Sports Fan’s Guide to Route 66

I’m working on some summer book reviews. Here’s the first. I’ll try and do a few a week now. There’s a certain mystique attached to Route 66, I’ve never been and that’s another reason this book intrigued me. I love the foldout cover. Let’s start with that. Imbrifex Books have created a