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The Mets Winning Culture Has Returned to Queens

The Wilpons were afraid of knowledge that didn’t align with theirs. This lasted for 22 years. Every once in a while you could hear the frustration in his voice when he was on a broadcast. Hernandez knows hitting. Every Mets fan thought he should talk to players and fix what

Brad Marchand Launches March Munch Cinnamon Crunch Cereal with PLB Sports & Entertainment

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 23, 2022) – Brad Marchand, 2x hockey All-Star and Boston winger, announced today that he has entered a partnership with PLB Sports & Entertainment, the creators of Flutie Flakes, to launch his March Munch Cinnamon Crunch cereal, a cinnamon toast square profile, in the Spring of 2022.  The cereal will

Jill Gonzalez Breaks Down The Best and Worst NCAA Basketball Cities

A lot of people are living and dying with each NCAA game that pushes their team further along in the tournament. This list has some amazing facts thanks to Wallet Hub. Top 10 March Madness Stats & Facts: $13.8 Billion: Corporate losses due to unproductive workers during March Madness.$1.16 Billion: Annual

The Jets Current Shopping Spree Has Been Exaggerated

The New York Jets are no longer capable of making a splash in one of the biggest media markets in the world. They are dull, boring, predictable, and cheap. They are spending some money because they have to. They won’t overpay to get one potential star in free agency. Robert

2022 NHL Draft – – My Top 32 – – Version 2.0

As always this is a ranking, not a mock draft. I am working on a list of 45. That will be next. One of my draft sleepers is Petr Hauser. I'm still playing around where I will rank him but he's caught my eye for sure. Shane Wright – C

Breaking Down the Sports Realism in ‘Winning Time’

Sports movies and shows must be realistic. If they’re not they can ruin it for me. The actor Solomon Hughes, who portrays Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was the key factor regarding this. If he had a bad skyhook. In my eyes, it was and still is the most unstoppable shot in the

Michigan’s Talented Trio – – Are All Three NHL Ready?

Michigan University has a lot of talented players on its roster. Three of them are Owen Power (1st overall pick in 2021), Matty Beniers (2nd overall pick in 2021), and Kent Johnson (5th overall pick in 2021). Of the three, how many will turn pro at the end of the

New Jersey Native Alex Laferriere Impresses At Harvard

Harvard has some New York, New Jersey area representation in John Farinacci (Chatham, NJ) Nick Abruzzese (Slate Hill, NY) Alex Laferriere (Chatham, NJ), Alex Gaffney (West Orange, NJ), and Matt Coronato (Greenlawn, NY). In a game I took in against Princeton, that’s five of their top six. I don’t believe

‘Winning Time’ Will Change Small Screen Sports Storytelling

John C. Reilly has played a ton of great parts in his career. I loved him in Bull Durham. In ‘Winning Time’, he plays businessman, father, and playboy, Dr. Jerry Buss, who owned the Los Angeles Lakers at the time they drafted Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. Buss had a good side