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Betting bonanza across the pond on Trey Lance being crowned this year’s NFL MVP 

Trey Lance is the most backed player win the MVP award over the last seven days, with British bettors backing the 49ers’ QB in their droves.  Lance’s odds have been slashed from +6000 to as short as +2800, with money continuing to be placed on the sophomore talent.  According to’s sources

Major League Baseball Must Improve to Stay Relevant

Major League Baseball needs an overhaul. Attendance is now secondary to corporate partnerships and television deals. As a matter of fact, attendance is so bad it’s declined in 21 markets in the first half of the 2022 season to the tune of 5.7%.  That’s just this season. Attendance has been dropping

Nirvana Water With HMB Tastes Great

Nirvana water with HMB has a good taste. That’s the first hurdle. If you don’t like the taste it won’t matter what’s inside the water. Not all water is created equal, and this water has HMB in it. HMB increases muscle protein synthesis and decreases breakdown. I tested it before rigorous

Some 2023 Draft Eligible Players To Watch in the 2022 World Junior Championship

All eyes will be on Connor Bedard. He’s the most heavily scouted player since Connor McDavid. He gets people out of their seats and it only takes one of his significant shifts. The problem is, that he rarely has a bad shift. He’s obviously great. Here are a few others. Dalibor

Joe Klecko Should Be In Canton

Joe Klecko played 11 seasons for the New York Jets. He was a standout at Temple University and was one of the best defensive linemen of his era. He was the “engine” of the “New York Sack Exchange” that terrorized NFL quarterbacks along with Mark Gastineau, Marty Lyons, and Abdul