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Upon Further Review: Vince Lombardi is Still The Greatest NFL Coach

When Bill Belichick won his 5th Super Bowl many proclaimed him the greatest head coach in NFL history. I wondered to myself, how does he stack up to Vince Lombardi, who I always thought was the best but has been largely forgotten in these conversations since it’s not sexy to

From the First to Super Bowl 51 The very long National Football League season is now over.  Now we all look ahead to “the ultimate game.”  Hype, hoopla, histrionics and sometimes a great game is the result of all the activity. The Super Bowl is America at its best and also America at its worst. American conspicuous consumption.

Is Tom Brady the best ever NFL quarterback?

The best there ever is. The best there ever was. The best there ever will be. Ask a New England Patriots fan who those sentences describe and the answer would be quick and obvious. Tom Brady is their guy. But is Brady the guy? The greatest quarterback in NFL history? Not now. Not yet. He