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Thoughts on the 2018 Frozen Four

The 2018 Frozen Four will take place in St. Paul Minnesota April 5-7th. Minnesota Duluth will play Ohio State in the semifinals on ESPN2, coverage starts at 5PM et on the 5th. Michigan takes on Notre Dame that evening at 8:30PM et on ESPN 2. The final game will be

2018 NFL Draft Q & A With Tom Geideman

Russ: Can you tell me about the top quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL draft? Tom: I think there are three ‘elite’ quarterbacks in the 2018 draft worthy of being considered a franchise quarterback, and because of the extreme value of the position (the entire offense runs through the QB) and NFL

Not How You Start – Yankee Beginnings

With the start of the 2018 baseball season highly anticipated by fans of the sport, here for your reading pleasure is a flashback to the meager roots of perhaps the most illustrious franchise in baseball history. Enjoy Known as the Baltimore Orioles during the 1901 and 1902 seasons, the franchise went out

Curling is On The Rise in the United States

Before the Olympics curling was an afterthought in the United States. We all knew it existed. Our Canadian friends talked about it regularly and so many countries enjoyed it more than we did. Team Shuster beating Canada twice and eventually defeating Sweden for the gold medal seemed to change that. “When