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NFL Notes about Super Bowl LVIII

Here are some interesting facts about some of the players and coaches as we get closer to the big game.  PATRICK MAHOMES and BROCK PURDY were both in elementary school the last time an NFL team won consecutive Super Bowls. When New England defeated Philadelphia on Feb. 6, 2005, to secure a second straight title

Robert Saleh Should Be Replaced 

Robert Saleh is a great defensive coordinator. He’s not a good head coach. He’s passive-aggressive, he doesn’t rise to the occasion, in-game, by changing the call. We never hear about that. He’s a less successful Rex Ryan. Can Aaron Rodgers control him? Yes, and that’s probably why he’s staying.  After hearing

The Jets’ Next Four Games Might Decide the Season 

The New York Jets are miraculously 4-3 heading into a big Monday Night Football game against the San Diego Chargers. The three games following that are against the Raiders and Bills on the road and home on Black Friday against the Miami Dolphins. The Jets need to win 2 or

Despite Win, Jets Need More Wide Receiver Targets 

The New York Jets are 2-3, and there is a modicum of hope that Zach Wilson could lead the team to respectability this season after the Aaron Rodgers injury. Now the Jets have to introduce a third receiver into the mix. Garrett Wilson gets most of the passes, Tyler Conklin