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Adam Savage Motivates People By Busting Myths 

Adam Savage is known for his work in Hollywood building models. Then Mythbusters, and Tested have influenced a generation of makers.   "I love their stories. We signed autographs for about half an hour, and people wait in line and come to me with great stories,” Savage mentioned. “I feel like one of my primary jobs is to

Guy Gilchrist’s Muppet Legacy Stands Tall 

Jim Henson is a legend. When the Muppets were the biggest thing on earth a young man named Guy Gilchrist was tasked to draw a Muppets comic strip to appear in newspapers everywhere. The interview period took 10 months.   “I had a great job. I was writing books and comic

Fulfilling Friday: Brianna Musco Visits High School Sound Studio 

This was a special visit for Brianna Musco. When she’s not championing LGBTQ fans on social media or sending out positive vibes, or performing, she carved out some time for a special project. She built a sound studio for Pascack Valley High School.     "November of 2022 the high school put

Catching up With Wyatt Russell

After tremendous success garnered from his role as “Bar Dog” in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad “Old School Delivery,” Roy Hawn-Russell has signed with breakout canned cocktail Lake Hour on the heels of his newfound ascent to stardom in an effort to further solidify himself as a pivotal personality in the beverage space. The two-year deal (a