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Jackie Robinson Moments

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. He remains for me and so many others one of the most important figures in sports and American history. My newest book billed a Harvey Frommer Baseball Classic was just published. While there were a few black players in

CHL’s Top Prospects Perform in Sport Testing Combine

Quebec City, QC – 40 of the CHL’s top prospects eligible for the 2017 NHL Draft were put to the test on Sunday at Centre Videotron one day before Team Cherry and Team Orr face-off at the 2017 Sherwin-Williams CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game. Players seized the opportunity to showcase their individual

1983 – The Blues Make History By Not Attending The NHL Draft

Why would a team not attend the NHL Draft? That’s one of the best ways to improve your franchise but at the time the owners, Ralston Purina, felt differently. It doesn’t make sense. Even if you intend on selling the team wouldn’t it have been easier to sell if they


With the 2017 Super Bowl almost upon us, how it all began is recounted in chapter and verse in my WHEN IT WAS JUST A GAME: REMEMBERING THE FIRST SUPER BOWL, an oral history. Below follows just some of the fascinating things I learned. Other rivals to the NFL through the

The Ultimate Russ Cohen Resource Center

For those of you who ask me where to buy my book? Here are the titles and where you can get them. 100 Ranger Greats - This is currently out of print. But you can find it. Barnes and Noble has a great out of print section as well. Philadelphia Flyers - Images