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NHL 17 Goalie Mode is So Much Fun


NHL 17 has hours of fun built into the game. Its fun to play the 1994 controls. I eventually switch back because I think it’s more in tune with the speed of this game. There are so many sliders to pick uniforms, and style of play, line changes, power play and penalty kill strategy, I’ve always enjoyed that.

My favorite mode is “Goalie Mode”. I’ve decided I will play an entire season like this. I love the long view down the ice. I love the new controls, they may be the best ever created in this series. You do get prompted as to where the puck is before you can even see it so you can set up to make that spectacular save. I played as Henrik Lundqvist and it took a little while to get good at it. But after a few good shots against me I got the hang of it and I was hooked.

Everybody wants to score and figure out the best way to do that from season to season but I’ve always searched for the best way to be the goalie and this years game has done that. I recommend playing deep in the net. You can always get out and cut the angle in time but this way you’re covered from the start. It’s important to note that the goalie AI is much improved in any mode and I appreciate that.

I haven’t even tried the Sim feature yet but that will come. The different views they have of MSG at night looks amazing and that really gets you primed for a game. I also thought the reenactment of the Stanley Cup was hard to tell the game from the real thing and I attended every home game in Pittsburgh!

Doc, Ed and Ray Ferraro make up a great pre-game experience. I found no flaws in that and no repetitive announcing during the game.

I like the “Coaching Feedback”. The new face-offs are a bit annoying at times. Maybe because I like to get in there quickly. But the gameplay of it is very good.

The World Cup of Hockey addition is fun and you can play Pavel Datsyuk one more time!

There are so many player customizations. EASHL keeps getting better. I might build my own franchise. “The Hit ‘Em Highs” will be the name. I will have big plans for the concessions!

I downloaded the first round of roster fixes and they were pretty up to date. has a price of $53.99. You can’t beat that. This game is totally worth that and more.

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  1. I just decided to retire my snipa and put away those danglin mitts and rocket skates after 13 seasons of beapro. I’ve decided to strap on the pads and the biscuit catcher, I’ve been messing around with the sliders and settings to increase the speed of the game and AI fluidity and skill/difficulty. I’m still looking for the right settings to make it truly authentic.

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