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The 2024 Mets Aren’t a Cohesive Team 

Let me explain. This team has a few core players, some prospects, and a collection of players. If you watch them closely, that’s how they play on most nights. They have a rookie manager in Carlos Mendoza who is trying to paint a better picture than we all see. That’s

MLB Rule Changes Have Hurt Pitchers 

The one thing about baseball that makes it special is the ace. A guy like Justin Verlander is worth the price of admission and can make hitters look like they need to go back to the drawing board. The problem is, when pitching was outpacing hitting, major league baseball did

Review of the Hard Rock Betting App 

I was given a small stipend to check out this app. Folks can now use it in New Jersey, and I will include a link if you’re interested.   In the meantime, here was my experience. Use it on your phone. There were too many steps on the computer. With the

Mozy Wearable Thermal Wrap Review 

Have you ever been to an outdoor event in the cold? A mid-season NFL game, a chilly hockey game or an early season night baseball game. If you have, then I have the ultimate wrap that keeps you warm without using any batteries.  the lower-body thermal wrap is designed to keep

The 2023 NSCC Has a Massive Footprint

The 2023 NSCC is happening right now in Chicago. I was there on Thursday, and the crowd was robust, and dealers were talking about good sales. Trust me, if it was slow, they would be the first to tell you. This show is easily the biggest they've ever had and

Khalil Lee Surprisingly In Syracuse Mets Opening Day Lineup

In February 2021, the Mets acquired outfielder Khalil Lee from the Kansas City Royals. The outfielder played in 102 games for Syracuse last season. He hit .274 with 14 home runs and 37 RBI. During that season, domestic violence charges were filed against him. was all over it.   Major League Baseball has

Jacob deGrom: Will He Stay, or Will He Go?

Jacob deGrom is the ace of the New York Mets. He will remain that in my eyes until he signs elsewhere. I think there are three things he’s mulling over. Salary is #1. He signed his last contract with the Mets with BVW as the GM, and the Wilpons still in

Buckology: His Approach To The Game Must Change

If you think Buck Showalter overachieved with this team or worked wonders, then, by all means, feel free to go to another website. I understand Buck can’t bat or pitch or even spot when a player is cheating, but he is the face of the Mets, and that was troubling