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The 2023 NSCC Has a Massive Footprint

The 2023 NSCC is happening right now in Chicago. I was there on Thursday, and the crowd was robust, and dealers were talking about good sales. Trust me, if it was slow, they would be the first to tell you. This show is easily the biggest they’ve ever had and as always there’s something for everybody.

The Tristar Autograph Pavillion is in Hall F at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center and is well-run. Get there early because there will be some lines, but the system works, and collectors had no issues. We snapped a shot of 1969 Mets hero, Al Weis autographing cards and chatting with his fans. 

One dealer I want to highlight is Les Wolff Sports. If you want a signed baseball and more, he has them, and some of them are MLB authenticated. He’s very personable, and I suggest you check out his items.

Here is what I bought from him: 


I also ran across a Michigan-based agent who deals with former professional athletes, Mark Dehem. This guy has scores of autographed items, and his signings add that necessary authenticity to the autographed cards. Prices are reasonable, and this man cares about these players. He knows how they’re doing, and he is fun to talk to. He helped me find a 1969 Amos Otis/Gary Gentry rookie card that was autographed by Otis. The Mets never should have traded Otis, but that’s another discussion for another day.

All the big card companies are there, and the grading companies are there. If you are looking for an item that you haven’t been able to find, it’s going to be there. If you want to find something you didn’t think you needed. They’ll have that too. It’s going on through Sunday, so check it out. It’s still the best show in the country.

If you go, you might see some good friends as I did. 



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