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2023 Flyers Development Camp Report 

I visited Flyer’s dev camp. It was their second day. On the ice and here is what I walked away with. 

Oliver Bonk – Defense – He excelled in puck retrieval. That’s where his skating talent lies. He needs more two-step quickness but that should come. I really like his compete level. 

Helge Grans – Defense – His skating and defensive instincts are very good. He can’t bury a shot. That’s his issue. If you look at previous shot charts, he either shoots from bad areas or can’t bury it. Let’s see where that goes but he can play the position as a puck mover otherwise. 

Sam Sedley – Defense – This camp invite has some skills. I put a video up on Twitter. He had a good day for sure. 

Alex Ciernik – Wing – He can play either side. He’s quick with the puck and his touch passes were impressive. He has a strong hockey I.Q. 

Cole Knuble – Center – He’s a hard worker and that was evident. Having covered him for two years in the USHL, his shot has more snap and maybe that’s where he jumped from 20 to 30 goals. It’s hard to score 30 in the USHL. 

Bobby Brink – Right Wing – His offensive skill is still there but paired against two others in drills, you can see the issues that have always existed with his skating.  

Elliot Desnoyers – Left Wing – He’s the fastest player in camp. He made an impressive toe drag in the tight space scrimmage. That’s his gift, he can work in tight spaces.  

Zayde Wisdom – Right Wing – His speed and puck handling was very good. Looking like his old self.  

Adam Ginning – Defense – Maybe the smartest defenseman there. Never makes mistakes. 

Ryan MacPherson – Center – I really like the precision in his passing.  

Alex Bump – Left Wing – He’s hoping to play in a top-six role at Vermont. His passing has improved over the past two seasons. His shot has more power now too. 

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