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2023 Flyers Rookie Camp Observations Day 1 

Here we are the Flyers rookies are back and I was there to see them. I am covering the Friday night game as well so that report will come out a day or two later. The key is me seeing how they look since last camp to now. What did they do over the summer? Was it impactful?

Denver Barkey – C – His skating looks really good, and his passing was among the best in camp so far. 

Bobby Brink – RW – He’s 100% healthy and I think he put on five pounds of muscle. His shot and stickwork look as good as it ever looked. Brink clicked well with Zayde Wisdom. (photo by Sportsology)

Alex Ciernik – Wing – His passes were quick and precise. I liked his playmaking. His skating is better the last time I saw him. 

Elliot Desnoyers – LW – He worked a lot with Tyson Foerster. They both are too good for this camp, and they were having fun. Ian Lapierre said Desnoyers all-around game makes him the closest player to cracking the NHL lineup. Now, he thinks Foerster will make the Flyers team too, but this was the praise I expected for Desnoyers. 

Ethan Samson – D – Don’t forget about him. I loved his first passes today. 

Oliver Bonk – D – His skating, puck retrieval, and first pass are all terrific. His wrist shot is weak and needs some work. 

Emil Andrae – D – He looks to have put a few pounds of muscle on. His skating is very precise. Love his puck retrieval and his shot. 

Carson Bjarnason – G – I talked to him about his off-ice work. He said the Flyers really helped him with that. I saw the difference instantly. His quick covers and his positioning were excellent. 

Mason Millman – D – He is sometimes forgotten. His passing was really good, and he scored a fancy goal with which he had fun. 

Samu Tuomaala – RW – His practice one-timer is amazing to see. However, in 3-on-3 drills, his stick wasn’t on the ice quick enough. He doesn’t present it well and that has to change to work with North American players. His wrist shot looked good. His backhand did not look good. 

That’s all for now. 

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