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Despite Win, Jets Need More Wide Receiver Targets 

The New York Jets are 2-3, and there is a modicum of hope that Zach Wilson could lead the team to respectability this season after the Aaron Rodgers injury. Now the Jets have to introduce a third receiver into the mix. Garrett Wilson gets most of the passes, Tyler Conklin is next and then there is Allen Lazard. After that, there is a massive drop-off.

Mecole Hardman has had one target. Why? If nothing else make sure he ends an end around or two each game. Stop elevating wide receivers that have no chance of doing anything and rely on his experience.
Randall Cobb has three receptions for 20 yards. Is he done? Or can Rodgers only find him open? Either way, he hasn’t been the answer to becoming that other receiver.

Mecole Hardman photo by Sportsology

It would be nice if the other tight end, Jeremy Ruckert could catch but, I’m not sure he’s trusted. He has three catches on three targets, but his blocking seems to be valued more. So where do we go from here?
The answer lies in Dalvin Cook and Michael Carter. Both can catch, and as we know Carter is more elusive. Hall can catch the occasional pass as well. I feel like these plays are missing from the Nathaniel Hackett playbook, and we need to see more of them to help out the quarterback.

The Jets have never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles. The only way they can do it is by covering their receivers and getting coverage sacks on Jalen Hurts, and the Jets have to spread out the offense and become more of a threat with more players being activated.

2-3 looks good, but there is a lot of work to do and some of that is play calling, and some of it is quarterback execution. To me, they go hand in hand, and I hope that they address some of these issues.

A win going into the bye week would be awesome, but I’m not expecting that. So, the best thing the Jets can do is start working on expanding the playbook so they can have some game practice and then some regular practice until they get ready for the the Giants, a truly winnable game.

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