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Carter Hart – – Bailed Out Canada

Montreal – – Canada’s Connor Ingram ended last game in net ranked ninth in save percentage in the tournament. Team Canada decided to go with him again and saw Sweden score two early goals (on just three shots). When Carter Hart came into the game to replace him, trailing 2-0, he hadn’t played in five days.

“They had a power play early. I saw a couple of shots early, which is nice to get settled into the game. Feel a couple of shots, “said Hart. “I got into the game pretty early.”

Sweden had all the momentum in the hockey game until Hart took over. They had the lead and were looking to add more. Hart, who had been maligned by some for what were deemed “soft goals” took over with one goal in mind – – stabilize the position to give his team a chance to win the game.

“You have to prepare the same every game whether you’re the starter or if you’re not,” he maintained. “For situations like these if you prepare the same, you’re ready to go. That’s the way I do approach things.”

Hart stopped all 28 shots he faced. He was tested early and settled in after that.

Now the Canadians will play the Americans in the gold medal game. Throw out all the previous stats, this tournament has changed drastically since the Canadian goalie change and since the Americans stopped rotating Joseph Woll and Tyler Parsons between the pipes.

“I’m not a huge technical guy on studying other teams,” he divulged.

When I asked about watching video? His response was surprising.

“Not really, no. The players do because they have the forecheck. I have to worry about stopping the puck. Whoever the player is on that team it’s just me against the puck. I approach it like that and just worry about doing my job.”

Hart beat his future Flyers teammate, Felix Sandstrom in this game but he had nothing but praise for the Swedish goalie.

“I thought he played really well tonight. He had some big saves,” Hart said. “That save he had in the second period to keep his team in it was pretty awesome. I thought he played really well.”

Tomorrow night at 8PM Team Canada will face Team USA for all the marbles.

“This was pretty cool. Growing up I was a huge Montreal fan,” Hart stated. “Being able to play here was incredible. The crowd was electrifying.”

The television ratings should be high. NFL legend, Troy Aikman wished Troy Terry good luck. Terry owned the shootout and was named after the Cowboys legend. A lot of American hockey fans will add to the ratings. This is the best possible scenario for the tournament. Now we wait.

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