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A Quartet of Hockey Book Reviews

Here are some great hockey books you can read this winter:

100 Things Jets Fans Should Know or Do Before They Die: Publisher: Triumph Books

Author Jon Waldman dips you right into the Jets culture by talking about a Dave Babych draft story in the foreword and an homage to the fans and the MTS Centre in the Introduction. Having written for this series I know what it takes to make it an interesting read and this tome does that. From the Avco Cup to the Mark Scheifele draft day jersey he wore. I was at the draft and remember what happened. By the book to read about that and a lot more. Look for the Wayne Gretzky story, that’s a good one.

100 Things Canadiens Fans Should Know or Do Before They Die: Publisher: Triumph

Author Pat Hickey is still out on the road covering the Montreal Canadiens. He’s a legend and a great guy to boot. He is the #1 source for Habs stories. Jacques Demers talked about Henri Richard in the foreword. It doesn’t get any better than that. From Patrick Roy, to the Forum, to the Saku Koivu story, this book has it covered. This book goes all the way back to the current Stanley Cup drought. It’s a must read.

Tales From The New York Rangers Locker Room: Publisher: Sports Publishing

This book is expertly penned by Mike Shalin and Gilles Villemure. I’ve reviewed this book before but it’s worthy of mentioning that Eddie Giacomin doens’t do a lot of interviews and getting him for the foreword was amazing. He was the Vezina-winning partner of Villemure and he gives readers a real insider approach to their mutual respect and relationship. This updated version talks about Villemure’s love for horse racing and much more. The part about him almost coaching the Rangers is eye-opening.

Hockey Karma: Publisher: Animal Media Group

Author Howard Shapiro has created a fun story here. I haven’t read any of his previous books and I was able to pick this up and get into it. The hockey terms were good and everything was realistic. This graphic novel has some great illustrations thanks to Andres Mossa. I love the flow of everything and the song choices made me think about the the music I hear upon entering hockey locker rooms.The hockey card (above) was a nice touch, a really nice one. It’s a smart promotional item and takeaway.

Read them and enjoy them.

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