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Anton Lundell’s Game Has Few Flaws

Some prospects are known as the best scorers in the draft and others are known for their playmaking. Anton Lundell has that combination making him a top prospect and a very safe pick in the upcoming 2020 NHL Draft.

“We had a really good season. I did improve my game,” Lundell stated. “It was getting better when the season ended. It was a strange ending for a season. That was the only option. We saw what was happening with other leagues and we played that last game without any fans. It was really weird.”

Liiga is an excellent league. Right now, the 18-year-old can’t compare his league to any others, and that’s fair, but he knows he’s playing against some good players.

“I’ve only played in Liiga but we have really good players here. There are good players who move to the NHL,” Lundell noted. “They’re doing really well there so It’s a good, hard league. It’s good for me to improve myself and get ready for the next steps.”

Some players have to learn to play a two-way game. Many talk about it pre-draft, and they know it’s a good thing to say, this center does it and is very diligent in his own end.

“I’d have to say it’s really good. I have a good two-way game.”

Most centers are playmakers, but these days being a marginal threat to score elevates your game and impact you can have at the next level. If Lundell was to reach the level of second-line center in the NHL someday, he knows what it takes, on the ice and the mental game as well.

“I think I’m more of a playmaker,” Lundell revealed. “When I was younger, I would try to score it by myself. This year I did get some goals (10) and it was nice to see but I think I’m more of a playmaker.”

This Finn has a nice wrist shot. He has a quick release on that and knows how to shoot it in traffic. He has good speed and has a knack for the give-n-go.

“I like to play the give-n-go with my wingers. I like the speed of the game,” said Lundell.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where he talks about his draft hopes, how he’s staying in shape and his dad and more.

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