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Cam York is Getting Closer to Reaching His Dream

Cam York has been a player I’ve followed for years now. I watched him grow up in the NTDP, seeing him in various games and tournaments over the years, and now he’s inching closer to turning pro.

York was a player who greatly benefitted from Flyers Rookie Camp, you remember, back when they had them on the ice. He was already fast, but they worked with him on his directional skating, and I think they helped him become a better defender. He was always great offensively and good defensively five-on-five, but he did excel on the penalty kill, so his instincts were always top-notch.

York showed a picture of him working out on his Instagram account. Those things are nice to see, but I’m more interested in seeing what that does for the player on the ice and asked him about that when he was attending the 2020 World Junior Championship evaluation camp.

“For me, it’s defensively,” said York. “I can control guys in the corner, and I feel much more dominant than I did last year. During this whole quarantine, I wanted to get bigger. I moved away from home.

“I left the sunny state of California for Michigan. I’m a much more well-rounded hockey player.”

In camp, York still has to impress the new head coach, Nate Leaman. I’m sure Leaman has seen a lot of York since he coaches the Providence Friars and can get any footage of him. But in this kind of situation, the coach talked about players who did some things that impressed him, and I’m betting York is one of them.

“I’m a 200-foot player. If they want me to be a shutdown guy when the tournament comes, I’ll be a shutdown guy,” York stated. “If they want me to be offensive, I can be offensive. I feel like I showed them that I can pretty much do it all. There’s not really anything that I can’t do.”

Last year, this talented defenseman, had 16 points in 30 games for Michigan. It was a good way for him to get things rolling. He was less of a factor in the World Junior Championship, but that’s all going to change. Flyers fans should be excited about the steps he’s made, and the first time they can see those changes might be in Edmonton at the tournament.

York has done everything off the ice to make sure he will have a successful season. He got a chance to scrimmage against his USA teammates, and now he’ll go back to Michigan and practice and wait to see if NCAA hockey or the WJC starts up first. Either way, he’s ready.

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