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Alex Lyon – 6-1, 201 – G – He has a nice economy in his movements. He’s not the fastest laterally but he covers the corners quickly. Yale was a mostly defensive system so he’ll have to adjust slightly wherever he plays next. He’s likely to face more shots than he did in college.

Merrick Madsen – 6-5, 190 – G- He’s putting on more weight every year. He had a terrific year with Harvard last season. He was a long shot pick in the 2013 draft going 162nd. He was in high school and yet he’s progressing nicely. His anticipation is his special gift. He’s very cerebral. Still susceptible to high over the shoulder goals once in a while.

Carter Hart – 6-1, 177 – G – Don’t let his weight fool you. He’s very strong, his core strength is what will make him a top-flight NHL goalie someday. He’s very competitive. He downplays every situation in interviews. He has a fast glove hand. He’s the only righty in the group. The second fastest in camp. His blocker movements are the best in speed and effectiveness. He has no real wasted movements.

Felix Sandstrom – 6-2, 192 – G – He was taken 70th overall last season. He plays against men and you can see that difference in the way he positions himself. He seems to need less instruction than the others. He has the best glove in camp. Fastest, hardest to beat. He gets the least amount of press for any goalie in their system and he’s one of their best.

Matej Tomek – 6-3, 180 – G – His post to post speed has improved. He is still a bit slow on the blocker side. He is probably the rawest of the group because he’s seen the least amount of action. That should change this season for him in North Dakota.

This is the best group of goaltenders the Flyers have had since I’ve been covering Development Camp. In just a few short years they have a lot of options for the future.