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Smithsonian Channel’s Take on Ted Williams is Solid

The “Splendid Splinter”, “Teddy Ballgame” is the subject of a great short film. It did a great job of showing him in the minors and how he didn’t make the Red Sox in his first year. It talked about how he tried to achieve perfection on the diamond and in the air as a pilot in the armed forces.

I learned a lot by watching this. I liked the interviews and many of the experts takes on Williams story book career. But the one “hot take” that was ridiculous was when the founder of “Deadspin” , Will Leitch, basically said Williams could play in this era and Ruth probably couldn’t. Pretty much saying he was too fat. Really? Prince Fielder does ok. So does Bartolo Colon. And that’s the part that made me chuckle because Ruth may have pitched in this era! And if he did he would dominate especially if he was in the National League and batted.

Williams fishing prowess was talked about in more detail than I’d ever heard before. Fans of fly fishing will be hooked! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Baseball fans will love this. History fans will love this. This episode is very well rounded.

MAJOR LEAGUE LEGENDS: TED WILLIAMS: Premieres Monday, March 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel

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2 thoughts on “Smithsonian Channel’s Take on Ted Williams is Solid

  1. To russ cohen.
    Last night I saw the film on Ted Williams, I recorded it for my husband who is now almost 93 and his recall of WWII and the Korean War are still clear as a bell. My husband was one of a board of three Marine Officers who recalled Ted Williams back to active duty for the Korean War, by husband also being a pilot.
    Ted later told my husband there were no hard feelings for being recalled and even caught and brought some fish over to his house as a peace treaty.

    1. Nancy,
      That’s amazing. That’s for taking the time to tell us about this. He took part in a very cool moment in American history!

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