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Flyers Trade Targets – – Colorado Avalanche Prospects

As the Philadelphia Flyers gear up to trade their captain, Claude Giroux, the team is looking to get as much value as possible. Since they don’t seem to have the appetite for a full rebuild, they may choose prospects who are closer to playing in the NHL rather than some that will take some time to develop. I have put together a list of some they should be after. Giroux is a great player, but his high salary will prevent some teams, even with a possible third team to wash some salary, from giving the Flyers their top 3 prospects in most cases. Depending on how deep that team’s system is.

Colorado Avalanche

Martin Kaut – This right wing is strong-willed and has a wrist shot with a fast release. He can play the power play and doesn’t take dumb penalties. He may not be a big scorer, but he can get around 40 points when he settles in.

Jean-Luc Foody – This pivot has speed and a scoring touch. He’s improving at the AHL level with the Eagles. He’s a playmaker with terrific passing skills, and he can make plays at speed. Is he off the table for the Flyers? I don’t think so, but he will take another year in the AHL until you see more of his upside.

Seah Behrens – This blueliner has great zone entries and is a terrific power play performer. He’s at Denver currently and will likely stay 1-2 more years to get stronger. So his path is longer but his offensive upside is really good and he plays a solid defensive game too.

Drew Helleson – This blueliner played in the Olympics and looked good. But he wasn’t given a ton of ice time. He has a great hockey I.Q. and is a very good skater. He can bring the puck up the ice with precision and a good first pass. You’re not getting him to play the power play but rather a second pairing role eventually. Maybe sometime next season if he leaves BC at the end of this season. 

Justin Barron – This defenseman can run a power play and get you points. He has leadership abilities, and those are the big positives. His decision-making is sometimes in question when the game is moving fast. Do the Flyers want that? They’ve seen what that can look like, and that’s why I have Barron in this slot.

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