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I Was There Book Review

The Marv Albert Foreword was a good setup for what is a very solid concept for a book. Kenny Albert’s list was impressive. His dad Marv topped him!

I loved Michelle Beadle’s. I would never have guessed she had hockey in hers. Pretty interesting hockey as well.

There are some big names in this book. I have to say the October 3, 1993 Jets-Eagles game that Kevin Burkhardt has listed as #1 hurts me. I was managing the hotel next to Vets stadium at the time. We had the game on. As a Jets fan that was one of the worst collapses they’ve ever had.

This book is a great cross-section of sports. It’s a fun read. Sports Talk NY had the author, Eric Mirlis and myself as well as other guests on revealing their Top Five. Here’s mine and I left out Wrestlemania, World Series Games and #6 would be the recent gold medal at the World Junior Champions for Team USA.

1) Tom Seaver’s 300th win, Yankee  Stadium on Phil Rizzuto game. There was a cow on the field that knocked Phil over. Was getting heckled by fans about Seaver, he’s too old, etc.

2) 2003 Stanley Cup Game 7 – Mike Rupp game winner? Who the hell is he? Interviewed Brodeur smoking a cigar before he disappeared in the locker room. Got on the Cup DVD.

3) 2004 Stanley Cup Game 7 – Lifted the Cup in the Locker Room.

4) 2006 Stanley Cup Game 7 – Was in the locker room before all other reporters. It was just Mike del Tufo, me and CBC.

5) Jets 1999 Victory over the Jags to advance to the AFC Championship Game – Vinny, Parcells and Curtis Martin. Martin and Keyshawn 2 TD’s each. Liked seeing Tom Coughlin get mad in that game.

Sports Publishing and Eric did a nice job on this tome.

I Was There!: Joe Buck, Bob Costas, Jim Nantz, and Others Relive the Most Exciting Sporting Events of Their Lives

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