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Upon Further Review: Vince Lombardi is Still The Greatest NFL Coach

When Bill Belichick won his 5th Super Bowl many proclaimed him the greatest head coach in NFL history. I wondered to myself, how does he stack up to Vince Lombardi, who I always thought was the best but has been largely forgotten in these conversations since it’s not sexy to talk about a coach who is no longer with us rather than one who’s still winning.

Many will say Lombardi only won 2 Super Bowl’s. That’s true, but that because it didn’t exist for the better part of his career. He did win 6 NFL Championships so that’s eight all together. Doesn’t that warrant a conversation?

Lombardi had Bart Starr, and Belichick has had Tom Brady for the better part of his career. Neither has a leg up on the other. Brady is better but Starr was the top guy of his era.

Lombardi had a much shorter NFL head coaching career. It was ten years. His playoff record was 9-1 a .900 winning percentage. His combined winning percentage is .719. His combined record is 105-35-6. Two-time coach of the year.

Belichick has a 25-10 postseason record. He’s had a 17-year career so far. His postseason winning percentage is .714 and his combined is .673.

To me, Belichick needs to win two more to be better than Lombardi. Just winning what was termed “The Super Bowl” didn’t make Lombardi’s championships any less important.

Both great coaches. Lombardi didn’t get the chance to be a head coach for as many seasons but his record is impeccable. I think the networks should be including him in this conversation rather than just handing it over to the current Patriots head coach.

Lombardi’s last stop was with the Washington Redskins in 1969. He was the coach and general manager. He led them to their first winning season in 14 years. He died from colon cancer in 1970. He has the championship trophy named after him yet he’s getting trounced over in these comparisons.

Let’s not forget Lombardi.

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