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Jets Business Got Down and Dirty

Joe Douglas did something that Jamal Adams didn’t appreciate. Whether he simply fielded trade calls or outright shopped him, he was wrong, Adams went public and said he sat down with Gase and the GM and he said he wanted to stay in New York, and they assured him that would happen. What should have followed is Douglas telling teams “Adams is untouchable”, Instead we heard he was trying to get a first and two seconds via Ian Rappaport and Jane Slater’s Twitter account. Adam Schefter also stated that ESPN personality, Ryan Clark, stated Adams would like to go home to Texas and play for the Cowboys. That was earlier in the day but at the end of this Douglas should have not fielded any offers, he did, and now fans have to hope this relationship gets repaired.

Le’Veon Bell wasn’t upset about the trade rumors and stated online that getting better is a process and he’s in it for the long haul. He was trying to calm down the fan base. He did a better job than Douglas did, that’s for sure. Does Gase even like Bell? It’s hard to tell after he said he didn’t want him this summer and then walked it back.

Leonard Williams getting traded was good simply because he was a bitter disappointment. We will see what they do with the draft picks.

Ownership has been silent. Coach, silent from what I can tell.

I expected four wins this season but was hoping for a better offensive year from the entire offense, even though I have almost no faith in Gase. I was hoping Darnold could supersede that, but he’s regressed. That’s another issue for another day.

Jets fans had a bad day. Most have lost faith in the front office. Many are still conflicted about the team, not the players, they like a lot of them but this season is lost and there is less hope now then there was before the team drafted Darnold. It’s dangerously low. I wouldn’t be shocked if some fans just give up on this franchise.

The Jets are a rudderless boat drifting in the swamps of Jersey. The boat is taking on water and there’s nobody who seems to know what to do next? Fans have no idea what the direction of the team is currently? They’ve heard it all, so forgive them if they don’t care if Douglas talked about future flexibility thanks to the Williams trade.

So, what’s next? Another top-five pick?

Will the coach get fired?

There are no clear-cut answers. Jets fans don’t deserve this. They deserve better There was a lot of hope for the home-opener and now it’s gone by Halloween, another frightening tale of mismanagement that began over the summer and has continued throughout the season.

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