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Chris Johnson Was Played as the Jets Squander Another Season

I gave Adam Gase a chance. I didn’t like the hire, but I tried to remain positive. I’ve been watching the Jets and the NFL long enough to know when things aren’t right and that started back at the draft.

Then the summer was a joke and here we are. Gase isn’t an offensive genius. When he opened up a new season against Buffalo and he was calling only five-yard pass plays and they eventually squandered the lead, against Buffalo, I was worried. But I’ve waited to say this but fire Adam Gase right now.

Give Gregg Williams the interim tag so the team can hire a team president who can oversee the coaching search. Joe Douglas shouldn’t be a part of this until the last round of it. He bungled the trade deadline from a team bonding perspective, but he is a draft expert, but is he a real general manager? Chances are he’s somewhere in-between and the Jets can’t afford to make any more huge mistakes.

Did they ruin Sam Darnold? It’s possible. In this league, if your franchise quarterback isn’t rock-solid in year three, you have nothing. So far Darnold is closer to nothing than rock-solid. If he could work with a quarterback whisperer in the offseason, maybe he can be fixed.

Should the Jets draft a quarterback in the upcoming draft? It’s possible but you let the new team president and Douglas figure that out.

The Jets’ loss to the Dolphins was predictable. I was hoping the team would get four wins this season but that seems like a pipedream right now.

The fans are mad. They have a right to be mad. The players got paid, the owner makes his money and the fans get no reward. No promise of a great future. Nothing. Chris Johnson is supposed to be mad but it’s hard to know that considering he’s said nothing. Fans deserve some answers. Jet fans are loyal but just showing up because of that is a lot to ask of any fan base in the 21st century.

I expect billboards and signs carried by airplanes demanding the removal of this “head coach”. I wrote this during the summer. If Peyton Manning calls recommending a coach, hang up the phone.

Get rid of the players who are there for a paycheck. Mend fences with Jamal Adams. The Jets can’t start over 100%, nobody can these days.

They have to have 4-5 players they can count on as leaders who can help bring along the others. It’s great to draft in the top three if you keep those players and they turn into stars. That has been a 50-50 dice roll for the Jets and that can’t continue.

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