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Latest NBA Odds For the 2016-17 Season

The NBA has been making headlines lately. The biggest shockwave sent through the association occurred when Kevin Durant decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder and their fans behind.

He didn’t sign a long-term deal he signed the deal of a mercenary. A two-year, $54.3 million dollar deal with a player option after the first year. Translation, let’s see if we win this year and if we don’t I’ll decide whether or not I’ll stay. One might think if the Warriors fail maybe he’d join the Cleveland Cavaliers the following year if he thinks they are one player away.

At the age of 27 he’s decided he wants to play for a winner. I’m from the old school that says it’s way more rewarding making your current franchise a winner. Instead he chose the path to try and get a team that lost in the Finals over the hump this season and possibly next. A championship is a championship but it limits him in my eyes compared to LeBron James who is the main reason his team won it all this year.

Right now the Warriors are the overwhelming favorite to win it all next season. For every $1.50 you’d get back a dollar in return right at this moment depending on where you look. Many times championships aren’t won in the summer but in today’s NBA that’s an arguable point. James going back to Cleveland did eventually shift the balance of power and Durant now hopes he can accomplish the same result.

Some teams are seemingly out of it before the season ever starts and they seem to be either fine with it or powerless. The Philadelphia 76ers are just 100-1 with new rookie sensation, Ben Simmons getting ready to lead the charge for his team this season along with center Joel Embiid for the first time and returning star, Kahlil Okafor.

Now the Brooklyn Nets are 1000-1. Last year they were 21-61. Even if they were to improve on that how many people will lay down some cash on a team with little to no change of a .500 record let alone an NBA championship?

Until the season starts expect there to be a lot of fluctuation in the market.

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