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MLB Finally Has Achieved Complete Chaos

In my book “Pioneers of Baseball” I wrote about the uncertainty of baseball in the 1890s, fast forward to 2020 and everyday baseball is just as uncertain as it was back then. Is that good for the game? I’ll let the fans decide that one.

Two days before Opening Day and the MLBPA and the league are deciding whether or not they will have 16 teams make the playoffs instead of 10. At his point there won’t be just one asterisk attached to this season, there will be a gaggle of them.

There’s a good chance now that barnstorming baseball is back! When I covered the independent league, a long time ago, there was a team called the Pennsylvania “Road Warriors”. They didn’t have a home they just stayed in town, played, and went on to the next town. Now Pennsylvania has rejected the Toronto Blue Jays sharing PNC Park with the Pirates, they don’t have a home and the season is getting ready to start. This is crazy, I can imagine the players kissing their loved ones goodbye for the next few months headed to their first game. They will never play at home. This season will be an awful experience for them. Close to as bad as the Montreal Expos playing home games in San Juan. When I asked Michael Barrett about the experience at a game in Philadelphia, his response was less than favorable and had an expletive or two.

This season will go down in the record books for being weird, changing the entire feel of the game, and the odds of not finishing a season sit around +200. If you had Gavin Lux, Dodgers prospect shortstop winning the Rookie of the Year Award, you already lost when he was sent down yesterday.

This is 2020 baseball. What else can happen

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