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Russ’s Rants – – New Look Mets Dial it Back to 2005 

The Mets are 0-5, that’s the worst start since 2005. But then those Mets won six in a row. These Mets won’t do that. They don’t have Tom Glavine or Pedro Martinez. That’s part of the problem here. They have a rookie manager in Carlos Mendoza and a new GM.  

For this, I will focus on the manager. It’s his first real managerial job and Flushing isn’t the best place to start that off IMHO. Adrian Houser was doing very well today and was out in 65 pitches. Ok, a bit too soon, but I was willing to see the results.  

Then there was Adam Ottavino who didn’t need to come out for the eighth when an anemic Mets were clinging to a 3-2 lead like Stallone in Cliffhanger. All Mets fans knew this could be a problem. Edwin Diaz was well rested and should have come in the eighth and ninth. Skipping ahead, Diaz has now pitched three times with no saves on the line. Who as a manager does this?  

Going for the juggler in the first game would have saved the Mets bullpen for the second game. Instead, the Mets gave up the lead, shocker, and then proceeded to use seven pitchers in all. All of this happened because he didn’t make one move. 

Now for Brett Baty trying to bunt. I confess I’ve never seen him do it. He’s made one successful sacrifice in two years. Did the manager go with a hunch, or did he not know his player?  

So where do they go from here? I can’t tell you how toxic Mets games will become if they drop this doubleheader. It all stems back to the team saying they would be competitive and they’ve been exactly the opposite. They met their financial limit head on and there was a mediocre team put together as a result.  

One last thing. One way for an anemic offense to try and win is to work counts, get walks, and get some steals. They only started to get steals in Game 1. Why isn’t this a constant strategy? It should be going forward.  

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