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Sergachev Has The Right Stuff

Grand Forks – – Even though Team Russia lost an 8-2 game they didn’t play a bad game. How is that possible? Because for more than two periods they gave Team USA all they could handle. Considering the U-17 team is playing with some choice talent like defenseman, Mikhail Sergachev, 4 days notice isn’t a lot to prepare for one of the best teams in the U-18 tournament.

“We were trying to do our best….We’re a young team. We didn’t play enough in the offensive zone,” said Sergachev.

Sergachev is a great skater and a precise passer. He has the frame that is almost pro ready today. At 6-2, around 210 now, he looks like a man. He’s wearing the “A” and he showed a lot of leadership after a tough loss.

“We didn’t play our structure in the defensive zone. We didn’t play good. We were trying because everybody was watching in Russia. We were trying to prove ourselves,” said the talented defenseman. “I don’t feel any pressure. I try to say something on the ice to my guys to show them we can play.”

Sergachev continued. He really wanted to send a positive message, “It was fun to play against the best team in the world (in this tournament) maybe?”

As the tournament rolls on draft pundits will decide if he should move up in their rankings. I currently have him at 15 and I can tell you he is moving up on my own personal list. It’s easy to see how players play and react when things are rolling. It’s another to see how they are when the bottom falls out. This prospect showed he can handle both.

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