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Skate or Die: The Last Voyage of the Icemen Review

Skate or Die is a fun read about a fictional hockey team called the “Charlestowne Icemen” a team that is about to end its 38th season. One of their players is telling the stories in this tome.

I love the training camp stuff. How there are so many players there and most won’t make it. That is accurate having covered so many training camps myself.

Hockey fans will love the assortment of players on this team. Author Steve Violetta has been around hockey his entire life, so he’s seen these types of players for years adding to the realism.

There’s an aging arena. Some wild fans and politics getting in the way too. It’s a great mix that has existed in many hockey teams in a lot of different places.

Women are written about in this book from the perspective of hockey players. That is very colorful.

Fighting, “The Code” so many hockey terms and situations are weaved into this story.

The book has a certain charm to it. I love the way the sport is written about. Very detailed, and no situation was unbelievable.

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