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Oliver Bonk and Other Players Wear Marsblade 

If you haven’t heard of Marsblade. They are a company that’s starting to grab some market share in the skate blade industry. Jack Drury (Hurricanes), Gustav Nyqvist (Preds), Tyler Boucher (Sens), and Oliver Bonk (London Knights) are some of the players wearing them. The list is growing and The Flyers'

The Latest Chapter In The Battle of The Hudson

“Any time you get to play a rival that’s right across the river, it tends to have a little bit more into it than any other team.” – Devils Head Coach Lindy Ruff before his team’s 5-1 loss to the Rangers. Thursday night at Prudential Center, The Battle of The Hudson

Catching up With Wyatt Russell

After tremendous success garnered from his role as “Bar Dog” in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad “Old School Delivery,” Roy Hawn-Russell has signed with breakout canned cocktail Lake Hour on the heels of his newfound ascent to stardom in an effort to further solidify himself as a pivotal personality in the beverage space. The two-year deal (a

Blittner’s Blue Line: Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

Oh great, now they’ve done it. Why can’t we ever have an NHL season during which the “unwritten rules” of the sport don’t dominate headlines for days? Unless you were living under a rock this past weekend, you’ve almost assuredly heard about how Morgan Rielly of the Toronto Maple Leafs went

Islanders and Rangers Come Together For Charity

Timeless. That’s the best way to describe the Islanders-Rangers rivalry. Multiple generations of New York hockey fans have picked a side and stuck with it. So, whether you first became a fan in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, etc. there’s always going to be that feeling of dislike for

The Night Belongs To Sergei Brylin

Professional. That’s the word of the night. You couldn’t escape it. Saturday night, the Devils not only hosted the Dallas Stars, but they also hosted a very special ceremony. Saturday night was the night the Devils enshrined Sergei Brylin in the team’s Ring of Honor; joining the late Dr. John J.

 Ruling Rookies: Devils Punch Back

Hockey is indeed a young man’s game. As The NHL gets younger and younger, the skill and speed of the game continue to increase vastly. Among the many youngsters who are part of this “new wave” of hockey players are two rookies who have garnered plenty of attention during the

Yzerplan Vs. Fitzplan

Happy Holidays one and all! We’re all in the holiday spirit, even the NHL, which is taking a couple of days to enjoy this time of year. However, while many around The League are enjoying eggnog and presents there are two teams whose General Managers are hard at work trying to