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Lenni Hameenaho Will Make a Team Very Happy 

Lenni Hameenaho is a center who is all the overboard as far as rankings go in the 2023 NHL Draft. He’s 6’1” and around 185 pounds and he plays a solid all-around game. What’s interesting is all the different rankings for this player.   Here are my thoughts about him having

2023 NHL Draft My Top 45 Version 6.0

Here are my June and final rankings. This Is not a Mock Draft.  1. Connor Bedard – C – WHL 2. Adam Fantilli – C – NCAA 3. Leo Carlsson – C/W – SHL  4. Matvei Michkov – RW – KHL  5. Zach Benson – C – WHL  6. Will Smith – C – NTDP  7. Dalibor