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Lenni Hameenaho Will Make a Team Very Happy 

Lenni Hameenaho is a center who is all the overboard as far as rankings go in the 2023 NHL Draft. He’s 6’1” and around 185 pounds and he plays a solid all-around game. What’s interesting is all the different rankings for this player.  

Here are my thoughts about him having watched him a fair amount this season.  

He’s a good skater. The Finn is always around the puck and a good two-way player. He’s a reliable player to have on the ice in big situations. 

He’s good on face-offs. The pivot gets power play time for Assat. Liiga is an excellent league and he’s only 18 and he put up nine goals and 12 assists in 51 games.  

According to InStat, he put 56% of his shots on goal and he won 46% of his puck battles. His hits are up this season and his hits against are up. That happens with increased ice time, and he averaged 


Lenni does a great job of explaining how he got better with more opportunity.

Me interviewing Joensuu at the 2006 Draft. Photo with a key ring camera. 

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