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MLB Rule Changes Have Hurt Pitchers 

The one thing about baseball that makes it special is the ace. A guy like Justin Verlander is worth the price of admission and can make hitters look like they need to go back to the drawing board. The problem is, when pitching was outpacing hitting, major league baseball did

How LED Sports and Stadium Lights Are Changing the Playing Field

In recent years, LED lighting has reached beyond the confines of residential spaces, making a significant foray into the grand arenas of sports and stadiums. This leap is a revolutionary shift redefining how we experience and perceive sports environments. As the floodlights turn towards the future, LED technology emerges as

Rob Manfred Needs to Implement a Salary Cap

When the shock of the Shohei Ohtani contract terms came out, the Los Angeles Dodgers deferred $68 of the $70 million of his contract every season. Legally. That's how you know the sport needs a salary cap. Major League Baseball is exhibiting all the signs. Bobby Bonilla jokes aside, this one

The 2023 NSCC Has a Massive Footprint

The 2023 NSCC is happening right now in Chicago. I was there on Thursday, and the crowd was robust, and dealers were talking about good sales. Trust me, if it was slow, they would be the first to tell you. This show is easily the biggest they've ever had and

Owners Ultimatum Sends Baseball to the Edge of Obscurity

Baseball will never die. It’s played all over the world in different forms. As an example, there is Finnish baseball and a top prospect in the 2022 NHL Draft, Brad Lambert, talked about that with me recently. “I have been to a Finnish baseball game, and we always played it in

The Mets Search Continues for a Bench Coach

The New York Mets have recently hired some new coaches. Eric Chavez is their new hitting coach. He was a good player, and he was hired away from the Yankees, presumably for more money. Joey Cora is now their third base coach. He was a player that wall all effort. He

The Best and Worst Baseball Cities Will Surprise You

While the World Series rolls on. Here is a report that WalletHub did on this subject I spoke to Jill Gonzalez about a few of these cities. New York was #1. That’s not a surprise, but it’s still interesting to know why? “The number of teams is something that we look at,

MLB Has Created The Year of the No-Hitter

Rob Manfred changed the baseball again. This time he told us. The plan was to cut down on home runs. There were too many. So this time they messed with the laces again. NCAA baseball flattened them in 2015 to increase scoring. It did increase scoring. BUT they also use aluminum