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Scott Perunovich is Once Again a Draft Hopeful

Scott Perunovich is heading to Dallas with the rest of the 2018 NHL Draft hopefuls. The only difference for him is he’s been through this before. In fact, this will be his third kick at the can and based on the year he had he’s expected to hear his name

Legalizing Sports Betting Doesn’t Absolve Pete Rose

Pete Rose was a great player. The same kind of brazen, fearless play he exhibited on the baseball diamond did him in later in life. With the announcement that sports betting will be legalized throughout the land, many were thinking this would help Pete Rose. It won’t. MLB hasn’t changed their

Dummy Hoy Should Be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame

I have a new book coming out November 12th, called “Pioneers of Baseball”. Here’s more about that here: Back to Hoy. He played for the Cincinnati Reds and two Washington D.C. teams. He was a deaf center fielder. Getting through everyday life as a ballplayer was hard enough in those days.