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Jake Sanderson Has Been Impactful with Ottawa

Jake Sanderson has been as good as I thought he would be in his first NHL season. We are only 25 games into it and yet, I feel like he’s going to get better rather than hit a wall. The Ottawa Senators are lucky to have him. He’s already the top-scoring

How Owen Power and Jake Sanderson Lead Their Teams in Different Ways

This article was inspired by a tweet from Shawn Simpson. This is the kind of excitement that the 2022 World Junior Championship is bringing, and it’s early. Having seen both players and how they interact with their teams. Here’s what I have to say about this.  First off, hat trick aside, and

Will The NHL Play in North Dakota?

Sportsnet reported the NHL is considering this. Any idea is a possibility at this time but there are a lot of obstacles. Even though North Dakota has “The Ralph” and it probably has zero activities planned for the near future there are some lingering questions. Even the smallest county in