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The Jets May Be the Worst Drafting Team in the NFL

Every regime claims they will fix it. Ownership has never brought in the right guys. Forgive me if I’m skeptical again, heading into another draft as the Jets season has crashed and burned.

I’m not an NFL Draft expert, not by a longshot. I know the Jets and they’ve had a few really good pass-catching tight ends in my lifetime. Rich Caster, Jerome Barkum, Mickey Shuler and Dustin Keller. That’s about it. That’s pretty sad. Well in 2017, the Jets blew it again.

In the fourth round, the Jets drafted Wide receiver, Chad Hansen. He played 15 games and had nine catches for 94 yards. That’s it. In the fifth round, the 49ers drafted tight end, George Kittle. He had a good college career in Iowa so he’s not a surprise and he gets better and better every year. He will be a two-time pro bowler after this year. A little better than Kittle who was taken with the second selection in the fifth round. Four picks after his stud, the Jets draft Jordan Leggett. He had 14 receptions in the NFL with one touchdown. The Jets waived him and Hansen. Keep that in mind.

Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams are the only players remaining from that draft. A running back rich draft and the Jets didn’t draft a good one. So, they hit on 2 of 9 picks. That’s not acceptable and I’m tired of hearing the excuses and the same old “draft talk” out of these GM’s while the scouts and player personnel guys kill the team’s future. That’s what bad drafts do. They kill a team’s future and then they have to spend more in free agency and as you can see, the Jets who had a ton of cash, probably couldn’t buy a .500 season.

I will explore more drafts and I will look at a few Eagles drafts where Joe Douglas will certainly want to not take any credit for and probably will want to distance himself from it. Jets fans deserve better and now Sam Darnold deserves better. Draft him what he needs and stop trying to outsmart the competition because you’ve done the opposite.

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