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The McKenna Sun Hoodie Review 

This product is a hoodie that is only $49 and it has an SPF of 50 so it can be worn in the sun. That’s for me. I’ve had some skin issues and had some items dug out, etc, so now I always have sunscreen on, and this is an additional solution for hiking or some outdoor activity.  

This item is lightweight and it has seams on the side to release heat. It’s a fully moisture-wicking material. It’s light, I got the Blue Heather, and it looks good and yes, being outside with it, on some hot days, it never felt heavy like a cotton hoodie. 

I highly recommend this for a day at the pool etc. Some people like me, can’t be exposed to the sun like they used to be and clothing like this is a big deal. Or, if you work outside but don’t want to get burnt, this will help you if you’re a landscaper.  

Here are some other items Brunt has for sale for Father’s Day and any other occasion.  

The Marin Soft Toe – $139 

BRUNT’s bestselling boot, The Marin Soft Toe features barnyard-resistant leather sourced from Texas steer, and a fully waterproof build that’s loaded with hard-wearing durability. With next-level protection engineered into every inch of the boot, the Marin comes fully equipped with an innovative slip-, oil-, and heat-resistant rubber outsole. 

The Bolduc Comp Toe – $159 

A favorite among plumbers, welders, and truck drivers, the next generation Bolduc Comp Toe is fully waterproof with a lightweight and non-metallic composite safety toe. It’s crafted from barnyard-resistant leather sourced from Texas steer and features innovative slip-, oil-, and heat-resistant rubber outsole for enhanced performance. 

The Ohman – $129 

A brand-new release for BRUNT, The Ohman features a breathable unlined build, ultra-supportive midsole, and custom Cush’n triple-layer insoles. This shop boot comes equipped with an innovative slip, oil, and heat-resistant rubber outsole that delivers enhanced protection and performance on the jobsite. The Ohman is a versatile choice for shop workers across a variety of trades. 

The McKenna Sun Hoodie – $49 

The McKenna Sun Hoodie protects against the sun and manages sweat in the summer and is an alternative to a lightweight layer on cooler days. This lightweight, soft poly-blend hoodie features UPF 50+ to keep the sun’s rays at bay and an ultra-breathable feel. 

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