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The New York Jets Improvement is Marginal Under Douglas

The New York Jets are the worst reality show. You know you want to watch, and you’re not sure how it ends – – but you have a bad feeling that you do. Right now, the Jets are without Zach Wilson, who didn’t start the preseason off right, and their quarterback depth is already being tested.

I listened to an NFL Radio show that said they would have cut Mike White based on last week’s awful effort. I agree with that except with the Jets’ infinite wisdom, the #2 quarterback on the list is Joe Flacco, a guy who is supposed to be a tutor and not every down guy. The Jets’ offense just became a short pass offense with a lot of dump-off passes.

The offensive line will be without Mekhi Becton again who is inching closer to the bust category. His season is over, and his career as a New York Jet could be as well. That entire first draft by Joe Douglas has been a disaster. Douglas had Becton as his top pick on the board, even with all the weight issues that were staring him in the face.

The Jets’ running game looks great on paper but now the offensive line is being tested early. Michael Carter will be the #1 back and then it’s a wide-open field. We all think that Breece Hall will win that job, and he should, but he will have to prove it on the gridiron. The Jets running game could be the best part of this team.

Robert Saleh has made some improvements on defense. Not enough. It’s not his fault. He’s working with the players Douglas has given him, and it’s not good enough. Carl Lawson is the hope for a pass rush. In 2014, he had an ACL tear. And then another in 2018. Last season the torn Achilles was another lost season. It’s hard to be excited about him in the preseason.

The Jets will be fourth in the AFC East. I’m not sure how many years Douglas has. Probably more than he deserves to date. The Jets have made some strides but everything has been baby steps. The Jets are 13-36 under Douglas. That’s what matters. It’s all about wins, losses, and the beating Jets fans take in the media and with their friends and family. This year isn’t looking like it will be any better. 4-5 wins seem to be what they are.

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