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The Quarterback Class of 2018 Power Rankings

This may end up being the best quarterback class in the last 20 years. The rookies were 4-0 this week! This was a first for the Super Bowl Era. For now, we’ll rank the players progress so far:

1)    Baker Mayfield has added a big spark to a losing franchise. He’s throwing a 58.9 completion percentage. He has 838 yards with three touchdowns and three picks, but he has the Browns at 2-2-1.

2)    Sam Darnold – Has had a few terrific games and a few learning experiences. In all of them, he’s been adding yardage. He already has 1,066 yards passing with a 55.7 completion percentage. He has seven touchdowns and six picks. His long TD is 76 yards now that he’s found, Robbie Anderson. This could be huge for him and the Jets who are now 2-3.

3)    Josh Allen – He’s has been a surprise to some. I expected good things from him. He’s thrown for 748 yards so far. He has a 53.3 completion percentage with two touchdowns and five interceptions. His scrambling has been impressive. He has a 4.4 yards per carry, 14 as a long touchdown with three so far this season. He has two touchdowns and one interception.

4)    Josh Rosen – Has gotten on track getting his first NFL win. He’s thrown for 386 yards with a 49.2 completion percentage. His long was a 75-yard touchdown.

5)    Lamar Jackson – He’s only had five attempts this season.

All of these guys, with the exception for Jackson, are playing for teams who’ve been bad. Those teams all have hope. Will any of them make the playoffs? It’s too early to tell but fans are just happy to see that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel and teams with incumbent, older quarterbacks may have to watch out for these young bucks in the coming seasons.

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