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There Will Be Draft Day Trades

Montreal – – There’s little doubt after talking to three NHL GMs yesterday that there will be draft day trades. The 2022 NHL Draft will have them. Now, will that involve big name players or will they be trades of another variety?

“It’s worked well the last two years despite not being in person. We were able to make some trades. It might be easier instead of shooting out a group text saying we have interest in pick 100 and whatever, give me a call. You can cruise the floor and see what’s going on,” said Philadelphia Flyers GM, Chuck Fletcher. “It’s probably easier to facilitate a trade in the later rounds. There was quite a bit of movement over the last couple of rounds.”

As I was saying. Being there gets trade talks going faster. I know this is draft pick trades we’re talking about but Fletcher might pack up some of his 2022 later-round picks to get 2023 capital because the Flyers think that draft is deeper.

Do the Nashville Predators feel the same way?

“The last few years have been very difficult in every facet of life,” said Nashville Predators GM, David Poile. “For the hockey and scouts. It’s almost like we’re back to normal except we’re having the draft in July instead of three weeks ago. “This is awesome. To see everybody and interact. Always a good thing. Anytime you can get face to face and say ‘I’ll trade you A for B’ you can get to the point really fast.”

Some GMs are former scouts and scouting directors and really love the draft. It’s in their blood. That’s how it is for the Dallas Stars GM.

“I love it. This is what’s its all about. We’re going to be live again. You got the crowd. You’re in Montreal. There’s no better place to have the draft,” said Jim Nill. “We haven’t had our staff together in three years. We just had our amateur meetings. It’s the first time since the outdoor game in 2020. That’s been a long time. You bring the staff in. We talk hockey. There’s nothing better than face-to-face interaction.”

There will be a lot of face-to-face interaction on the draft floor.

“I think so. Everyone has been here for three to four days, bumping into guys. We’ve had some casual talks. Who knows what that turns into.,” Nill added.

That’s the hope of player trades right there. Will there be one or two announced before the 2022 NHL Draft begins? It’s possible.

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