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Timberland Shades Product Review

The folks at Timberland sent me some sunglasses to try out. As with any product I receiver, I put them through their paces for various activities.

For walking outside they were really good. The polarization they have is excellent and objects were very clear even with sun glare. I especially liked using these for driving glasses as a result.

These TB9195 Glasses don’t fit too snug and that’s a plus in a lot of ways. One of them is when wearing a mask, they didn’t stay fogged up. They cleared up almost instantly and that’s better than my current shades.

The Timberland Sun Fall/Winter Collection consists of five frames available on Amazon and all are part of the Earthkeeper series, meaning that the frames are made of at least 35% bio-based materials. I love the bio-based materials. The glasses are sturdy enough but feel very light. Don’t be put off by that, they will feel good on your face for long-term use especially.

If you’re interested in the ones I tried out or the others here’s more on that.

TB9195 A classic square shape, this sit flush on our temples yet are lightweight for all-day comfort. They feature a playful color stripe along the temple. As an Earthkeepers frame, the sunglass is made with bio-based injection material.

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